It’s Week 5 of the One Room Challenge and things are coming together nicely. This past week we finished the bead board ceiling and the flooring. It’s a good thing those two big-ticket-items are done, because we only have 1 week left! Ahh!

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Last week, the ceiling was installed, but we had trim, patching and painting to complete. It was two long days of looking up. I am happy to report the ceiling is done. Doesn’t it look nice? Oh, and how about that shiny floor. Isn’t it pretty?

One Room Challenge_Home Gym Makeover_Week 5-24.jpg

Not sure what’s up with the blue pixels on some of the images. Just ignore that. Here is a run down of the fun we during the last week.

We patched a lot of holes and gaps.

One Room Challenge_Home Gym Makeover_Week 5-4.jpg

As I mentioned last week, we created a few access panels in the lower section of the ceiling. In the photo’s below, Paul was installing the last bit of trim to complete the accessible part of the ceiling. To follow, we did a happy dance and then patched, sanded and painted away.

Door painting commenced in the garage.

One Room Challenge_Home Gym Makeover_Week 5-8.jpg

We patched a billion holes around the perimeter of the room leftover from the carpet tack strips.

One Room Challenge_Home Gym Makeover_Week 5-11.jpg

Once the patch work was dry, we sanded and cleaned, cleaned, cleaned. If you haven’t guessed, the floor must be very clear in preparation for the Rust-Oluem Rocksolid epoxy flooring.

Once the floor was super cleaned. We cleaned again (at least it felt like that is what we were doing). We etched the floor to ensure the epoxy would adhere properly.

We studied a lot of videos and blog posts prior to tackling this project. Be sure to check out Bower Power’s blog and video for tips and tricks.

After the etching, we let the floor dry overnight. The next morning, we were ready to start applying the flooring.

And then we waited for the floor to dry. Longest 24 hours ever. The box says 8-10 hours dry time before you should walk on it. It did rain and humidity was around 60% so it look longer than the 10 hours to dry.

One Room Challenge_Home Gym Makeover_Week 5-18.jpg

But, when we woke up the next day it was dry and ready to walk on. It felt like Christmas morning. So much build up to get to this point. And now, it’s time for the best part! Putting the room back together and adding all the final touches!

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