6 Year House-iversary | Our 6 Favorite Home Projects

Today marks our 6th year of living in our current home. We owned our first home for 5 years and sold it in the blink-of-an-eye. Literally, it sold within 24 hours of hitting the market. We moved out 10 days later. Crazy, right?

6 Year House-iversary_Our Top 6 Fixer Upper Projects.jpg

Shortly, thereafter, we searched for our next home for several months. We toured 60+ homes until we finally found this teal door. Teal is my favorite color so I knew it was the one. Even before we walked through the door. It was, and still is, a fixer upper home in our eyes. That is one of the many reasons why we love it so much. It has an endless supply of projects to keep us entertained over the years.😝

We have made a lot of progress over the past six years. To celebrate, we are sharing our six favorite fixer upper projects. Are you ready for a plethora of before and after photos? I thought so. Here we go!


The kitchen was kick-off project. We tackled this project before we even moved into the house. Living without a kitchen can be done (we’ve done it before), but we had time to spare, so we decided to start here. Out with smurf-blue backsplash and in with the lighter and brighter room. Our kitchen, dining and living area is perfect for hosting family and friends. The penny tile counter top usually gets most of the attention.


This was the quickest and cheapest project of them all. I whitewashed the brick fireplace with masonry paint. Super easy and it made a huge impact. We adore the wood burning fireplace and use it often for the long, chilly Minnesota winters.


Landscaping. We had a love/hate relationship with landscaping. It is such a labor intensive task, but it so darn satisfying. It keeps us coming back for more every Spring, Summer and Fall. Here are a few shots to show the progress over the years.

The most daunting task was all of the GIANT bushes. They were everywhere and the size of a Fiat. Seriously. Look at those over grown bushes on the patio. At one point, I counted the bushes. I counted T H I R T Y - T W O freaking bushes. Too many, guys. Way too many. As of 2018, we have it down to 15 which is much more manageable.


Meet our homely looking brown shed, before the One Room Challenge Makeover changed it’s life. It was sad and dilapidated. It easily could have been torn down and built new. Instead, we salvaged it and replaced a lot of rotten wood. Paint, landscaping and a handy husband can do wonders. You can read more about it here.


As you may have gathered for our website, we do woodworking. The workshop was built to provide us with a space for woodworking. It got the sawdust out of the garage and made room for us to park in the garage once again. The inside is complete, but the exterior still had some to-dos. We still need to complete the deck off the front door, add the skirt around the bottom and landscaping (see, there is always landscaping to be done). You can read more about this project here.


Painting the house this summer has literally been a dream come true. We had been talking and dreaming about painting the poo-brown house since the day we owned it. Well, it finally happened and we couldn’t be happier with the results! There is still more to be done on the exterior (windows, doors and updating the brick). Until then, we’ll just enjoy the new color.

Colors by Sherwin Williams: Riverway (main) and Eider White (accent)

That wraps up our favorite 6 home projects. Which one is your favorite?