Paul GallMeier


Woodworking allows me to create something beautiful from a raw, natural piece of wood. I love that I can envision the completed project before I make the first cut. The reward in this work is seeing a completed project in the hands of a happy client. When I’m not making stuff,  I’m playing hockey, practicing Brazilian jiu-jitsu and admiring my crazy-smart, creative wife.


Jolene Gallmeier


My childhood is a collection of memories involving drawing, painting, coloring, crafting, scrapbooking, sculpting, drawing floor plans and rearranging my bedroom every week. I’m my happiest when I’m creating art that I can share with the people I love. When I’m not creating, I’m talking to Paul about creating or snuggling our four-legged babies, Annie the Aussiedoodle and Hannah the Bengal kitty.