Welcome back for Week 2 of the One Room Challenge! This week I’m sharing demo progress and renderings of what the room may look like at the end of the challenge. We have changed our minds several times in the last week, so who really knows what it will look like at the end. Ha!


The past week consisted of clearing out the room. We removed the ceiling tiles, grid and carpet. I designed the closet layout and made a home depot run to purchase the new closet system. The room currently looks like this:

Clockwise from top left wall: East, West, South, North

Next is the fun part - the vision! Scroll below for the layout and renderings of each wall to help you visualize our plan. You might wonder where all of the workout equipment is? Well, I wouldn’t call this your traditional “home gym”. We’ll be using this space for hockey training, jiu jit su, dance, weight lifting and super hero fighting, of course.

The room currently has cedar paneling. Some of which we’ll be keeping. It has really grown on us over the past 6 years. We do want to lighten up the room, so we’ll be adding faux brick or something else to lighten up the north wall. The ceiling and floor will be light in color so it should brighten up the space. I’ll let the drawings do the rest of the explaining.

This weekend we’ll tackle the installation of the new ceiling. I’m not going to lie; we don’t have a solid plan. We’ll fake-it-till-we-make-it. Trial and error, if you will. We also need to decide what we’re doing with the floor. Bahaha! I thought we had a plan, but now we are exploring other ideas. Concrete floors? Epoxy flooring? Vinyl plank flooring? Never a dull moment with us. We might be crying in the basement corner after this weekend is over.

If you want to join us for our weekend journey be sure to follow us on Instagram stories for the behind the scenes photos, videos and shenanigans.

Until then, I will leave you with three things:

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