Lucky Door #58

March 30, 2013

See this teal door?  This is the door to the fifty-eighth house we had looked at, give or take a few open houses.  We knew it was the one when we first walked up and saw the front door.  A true house-romance; the teal door had me at hello.  And the inside? The inside was a dream.  By dream, I am talking about a dream from 80's and 90's.  This house had not seen many updates since it was built.  But, we had a vision and could see beyond the sponge-painted walls, dated kitchen, retro baths and smurf-blue back-splash.  Maybe even a new teal front door?

Fast forward through a painfully-long weekend of waiting for a response to our offer, a house inspection, paperwork with the bank, a few more hoops to jump through, more paperwork, a final walk through aaaaaaannnd BAM!  We were sitting in a conference room with our amazing realtor, in swivel chairs, signing our lives' away.  Five months ago, today, we closed on our new home and are officially the proud owners of that teal door!   The door may still be teal today, but many other things have changed on the inside.

teal door.jpeg