52 Weeks of Mail: Week 7 Inspiration

Week seven inspiration comes from an important day not many people know about.  Did you know February 4th was Thank A Mailman Day?  It sure was, according to the world wide web. And even though this was last week (I am behind), I think it's still worth the belated effort.  I rely on the mail carriers and local USPS workers, a lot.  Not just for my 52 Week Mail Challenge, but also for mailing my Etsy shop orders, other custom design orders and for online shopping.  Thank goodness for online shopping!  So, how will you thank your mail carrier?

52 Weeks of Mail: Week 7- Thank A Mail Carrier

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P.S. If you're looking for Week 6 mail post, you didn't miss it.  I had a busy week and didn't get a chance to make my water color valentines yet (behind again!)   Check back on Wednesday for this post! :)