52 Weeks of Mail: Week # 45 Inspiration

Today I'm back with Week #45 mail inspiration and the finish product.  This inspiration board may seem odd, but I assure you there is a valid, mailable reason for succulent plants being my inspiration this week.  You see, there is this nifty Secret Santa deal going around on the interwebs.  I learned about it via a Facebook post and instantly new I had to be a part of it.  It's like the old-school chain letters we used to hand write a million times and mail off to our friends, but this is a secret version with fun gifts.  Follow all that?  So, the lucky gal who I got to send a gift to adores succulents, thus the inspiration theme.  Adorable succulent inspiration of all variations below.  Be back in a bit with the finished product!

52 Weeks Of Mail-Week 45 Inspiration
52 Weeks Of Mail-Week 45 Inspiration
Clockwise from Top Left:  Lea Griffith  | Oh So Beautiful Paper | You Doll Design | Tropical Garden 

p.s. Interested in joining the Secret Santa fun?  Contact me via Facebook, email or leave a comment below.