52 Weeks of Mail: Week 2

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The inspiration behind Week 2 of 52 Weeks of Mail challenge is good old fashioned letter writing.  When is the last time your wrote a hand written letter instead of an email or Facebook message?  Do you remember how to write in cursive?  What a perfect time to practice your penmanship and make someone's day with a letter. :)

For the second week's challenge I decided to craft up a simple DIY notecard on which to send my hand written letter.  Honestly, you don't even need to be "crafty" to make this simple and quick notecard.  I promise.

52 Weeks of Mail Week 2 DIY Stationary Notecard 1 with washi tape

All you need is paper, a fine tip marker or pen, washi tape, envelope and scissors.  And now for the fastest steps ever:

  1. Cut paper to size- I cut mine to 4.25 x 5.5 inches so it would fit in my envelope
  2. Rip of piece of washi tape- about 2.5 inches or so
  3. Use scissors to trim ends as pictured below (optional)
  4. Center washi tape at the top of your paper
  5. Use your pen/marker to write anything your heart desires on the washi tape.  Something like: Hello, Hi, Thank You, Love You, Miss You, etc.

52 Weeks of Mail Week 2 DIY Stationary Notecard 2 with washi tape

52 Weeks of Mail Week 2 DIY Stationary Notecard with washi tape

Quick, simple, cute and oh-so-thoughtful.  Did you write a hand written letter and send to someone special?  There's still time to send your letter for Week 2.  Happy Friday, Y'all!

All Photos via Designs By Jolene