52 Weeks of Mail: Week 26 Inspiration

Summer is officially here and I feel like spreading the love with a little happy mail.  For week 26 inspiration I found some many great ideas via Pinterest for fun and favorite summery things to box up and mail away.   You could send a box of ice cream cones, waffle bowls and toppings (sans the ice cream, of course).  A box full of sunshine with a variety of yellow and sunny items.  How about that little box with sunglasses, sunscreen, chapstick and nail polish? Seriously, too cute.  My favorite is the box with ingredients for s'mores- yum!  Speaking of s'mores, have you seen this delicious recipe floating around Pinterest?  We are definitely making this over the 4th of July weekend.  Alright, what's your favorite thing about summer?  Box it up and mail it to your favorite person.

52 Weeks Of Mail-Week 26 Inspiration Summer Lovin' Box

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