52 Weeks of Mail: Week 16 Inspiration

This week I wanted to acknowledge the upcoming holiday Earth Day, celebrated on April 22nd, and send some Earth-lovin' mail.  Reduce, reuse and recycle, anyone?  Or, mail a cute Earth card to someone who adores our planet?  There are so many ideas!  Be sure to check out the links below for 1) a fun way to reuse a water bottle to mail something, 2) a collection of Earth Day inspired stamps, 3) an adorable "Throwback" version of our Earth on a card, and 4) Earth Day Freebie Printable cards!  Check 'em out and check back later this week for my Earth Day mail!

52 Weeks Of Mail-Week 16 Inspiration Earth Day

Clockwise from top left:  RoadKill Rescue  |  USPS  |  Seriously Shannon  |  Laura Kate Is Crafty