52 Weeks of Mail: Week 9- Postcards

When is the last time you received a postcard in the mail?  It has been years for me.  Receiving postcards reminds me of being a kid.  Sending to your friends while your on vacation or away at summer camp.  I remember receiving a lot of postcards from Florida (Disney World, mostly) as a kid.  I'm sure I have a few of them hiding somewhere in a memory box.  If I stumble upon them I will share and possibly embarrass a friend or two. ;)

For Week 9, I chose postcards as the theme since Paul and I recently spent a week in Arizona.  It was pure bliss to escape the Minnesota cold for 8 days.  Just being outside and soaking up the sun does wonders for your mood and wellness.  If you can getaway, I would highly encourage it for my fellow Midwesterners. I suppose I should also advise the East Coast folks to get away, too.  Ya know, since they have been getting all the snow this year...  Below are a few postcards I gathered while visiting Arizona and sent out to family and friends.  I'm also sharing a few of my favorite photos from our trip.

52 Weeks Of Mail- Week 9 Feature Photo Post Cards 52 Weeks of Mail- Week 9 Mail More Postcards_2199

52 Weeks of Mail- Week 9 Mail More Postcards_2202


A few of my favorite photos from our travels.  Enjoy!

Scottsdale AZ

An evening dinner with a view of the McDowell Mountains.

Tortilla Flat, AZ

 Enjoying gelato from the Prickly Pear at Tortilla Flat.

Canyon Lake along the Apache Trail AZ

 We were shocked to see a real lake mixed in with the mountains.  Canyon Lake

Tortilla Flat, AZ

 More fun at Tortilla Flat!

Pack your stamps when you go on vacation and send more snail mail!  Week 10 Inspiration will be up tomorrow!

All Photos via Designs By Jolene